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OAK Disposable - Universal Sling

OAK Disposable - Universal Sling

OAK Disposable - Universal Sling


The Oak Disposable sling range is specifically designed to be used for individual patient’s sole use. This is an important aspect of modern infection control procedures and ensures strict hygiene compliance. If the product gets wet, a do not use logo appears, thus totally protecting the client’s safe transfer. Once the sling is no longer required, then it can simply be disposed of, ensuring a cost effective way of meeting, moving & handling needs. This general purpose sling design naturally comes with the usual standards expected of our specialist teams. Available with a shaped head section as standard, the Oak Disposable sling is simple to use and supportive when you need it most.

Features Benefits
Cost effective Essential for tight healthcare budgets
Colour coded straps Height adjustable to suit different patients demographics
Fully disposable Removes laundering requirements
A   Polyurethane fabric Comfortable and secure for patient enhancement
B   Modesty loop Protects the patients dignity during lifting procedures
C   Printed label denotes size & serial number For ease of use and traceability purposes
Single patient use only Prevents cross contamination & adheres to strict hygiene / infection policies


Size Weight
Small > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Medium > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)




Unit Price: £34.00 (£40.79 inc. VAT)
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