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BEECH - Hammock Easy Fit Sling

BEECH - Hammock Easy Fit Sling

BEECH - Hammock Easy Fit Sling


The Beech, hammock easy fit sling encourages postural support when it is required. It is a preferable alternative to the universal sling during these circumstances. The webbing design fits around the outside of both legs, providing discreet positioning. An aperture is also present, whilst preventing the patient from slipping during the procedure.

Features Benefits
Colour coded straps or clips Height adjustable for multi patient application
A   Flag stitched, anti-corkscrew webbing Provides strength and durability
B   Multiple fabric combinations Combining lightweight, low friction and comfort
C   Parasilk fabric Ideal for bathing applications
Embroidered weight & serial number label Loler compliant - does not wash out at high temperatures


Size Weight
Small > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Medium > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
X Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
XX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)
XXX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)




Unit Price: £99.00 (£118.80 inc. VAT)
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