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HOLLY - Stand Aid Transporter Sling

HOLLY - Stand Aid Transporter Sling

HOLLY - Stand Aid Transporter Sling


Holly is a deluxe, general purpose, transporter sling which is easy to fit. This product must only be used in conjunction with a stand assist hoist. Its unique cut and complimentary fabric selection, encourages total patient security and comfort during the “stand / sitting” and transporting processes, whilst giving total peace of mind to the carer.

Features Benefits
Colour coded straps Height adjustable for multi patient application
A   Under arm padding Provides patient comfort during transfer
B   Angular sling pattern Allows excellent postural management
C   Various fabrics available Patient specific
Embroidered weight & serial number label Loler compliant - does not wash out at high temperatures


Size Weight
Small > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Medium > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
X Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
XX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)
XXX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)




Unit Price: £99.00 (£118.80 inc. VAT)
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