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POPLAR - Stand Aid Belt

POPLAR - Stand Aid Belt

POPLAR - Stand Aid Belt


The Poplar belt is a widely used stand assist product only, for those patients who have some upper body strength. Poplar is manufactured in our standard, anti-fade, quilted grey material and appropriate binding finish. A variety of fabrics can be chosen as a special request. Although there are a number of belts available on the market, this high quality item stands out from the crowd.

Features Benefits
Colour coded binding Determines sling size by use of a neat boundary
A   Quilted grey material Enhances patient comfort
B   Colour coded straps Height adjustable for multi patient application
C   Security belt Provides patient safety
Embroidered weight & serial number label Loler compliant - does not wash out at high temperatures


Size Weight
Small > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Medium > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
X Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
XX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)
XXX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)




Unit Price: £79.00 (£94.80 inc. VAT)
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