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WILLOW - Luxury Toileting Sling

WILLOW - Luxury Toileting Sling

WILLOW - Luxury Toileting Sling


When selecting the best quality luxury toileting sling, then you need look no further than the Willow. Manufactured using the latest laser guided needle technology to enhance strength; this product is available with or without head supports to work in conjunction with varying patient requirements. This cleverly designed pattern facilitates toilet transfer procedures, whilst allowing easy clothing removal. The Willow Luxury toileting sling can be used in conjunction with most spreader bar hoists.

Features Benefits
Colour coded straps or clips Height adjustable for multi patient application
A   Under arm padding Provides patient comfort during transfer
B   Specialist toilet pattern Allows ease of clothing removal for toilet visits
C   Security belt Provides patient safety
Embroidered weight & serial number label Loler compliant - does not wash out at high temperatures


Size Weight
Small > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Medium > 200Kg (32 Stone)
Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
X Large > 200Kg (32 Stone)
XX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)
XXX Large > 300Kg (48 Stone)




Unit Price: £99.00 (£118.80 inc. VAT)
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