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Sunrise Medical Breezy RelaX²

Sunrise Medical Breezy RelaX²

Sunrise Medical Breezy RelaX²



The BREEZY RelaX² is a comfort and positioning tilt-in-space wheelchair which is durable, modern looking and comfortable. It offers adjustable seat height and depth, back height, length adjustable armpads and infinite recline and tilt. The RelaX² can be tailored to your needs ensuring quick and easy assessment for unlimited comfort. Also available as a heavy duty wheelchair option with a user weight up to 170 kg.






Seat Width: 41 (37 - 43), 46 (42 - 48), 51 (47 - 53) cm
Seat Width XL Version: 53 cm
Seat Depth: 42 - 50 cm  (Infinite)
Seat Height: 42.5 - 50 cm
Seat Angle: 0º to 25º / - 3º to 22º
Backrest Height: 55 - 60 cm
Material: Steel
Seat Tilt: Yes
Back Recline: Yes
Product Weight: from 34 kg
Max. User Weight: 145 kg   (170 kg XL version)
Colours: Silver

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