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Quickie Rumba Modular

Quickie Rumba Modular

Quickie Rumba Modular


Rumba Modular

The Rumba Modular is a versatile and flexible powered wheelchair that meets the needs of users and healthcare professionals alike. The new adjustable design and range of modular options allow healthcare professionals to tailor each powered wheelchair to the individual perfectly. Compact and maneuverable when used indoors, with a tight turning circle, it's equally as durable and powerful over uneven outdoor terrain. The Rumba Modular balances safe outdoor drive performance, indoor agility and user comfort perfectly.


Seat Width: 42 - 53 cm
Seat Height: 49 cm
Seat Depth: 42 - 50 cm
Backrest Height: 48 / 51 and 53 cm
Armrest Height: 22 - 30 cm
Overall Width: 59 cm (65 cm at frame width 48 cm)
Overall Length: 107 cm
Frame: Folding
Speed: 6 kph
Battery Size: 50 Ah
Max. Range: 25 km
Seat Tilt: Mechanical: 3º
Back Recline: Mechanical: 0º - 30º; Powered: 0º - 30º
Turning Radius: 85 cm
Max. Safe Slope: 10º
Max Kerb Climb: 10 cm (with kerb climber)
Electronics: VR 2 / R-Net optional
Min. Wheelchair Weight: 80 kg
Max. User Weight: 125 kg
Colours: Red, Blue, Silver, Black


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£2975.00 (£3570.00 inc. VAT)